Yandere Simulator – Controls Using Your Keyboard

Controlling the Yandere Simulator is easy. To move your character around use the WASD key on your keyboard. If you want to move the camera, use the mouse. To run, yandere sim simply hold the left shift. If you want to make some sound like laughing, tap the left ctrl. If you want to make it louder, tap the left ctrl several times. To activate Yandere’s Vision, hold the left ctrl key.

If you want to take out your smartphone, just hold the right mouse button down. To take the picture, tap the left mouse button. Press T to create a trail that leads directly to class. For crouching, press the C key and if you hold C you will be able to crawl. To take a rest and pauses the game, press enter.

To scroll the menu forward press E key and to move it back, press the Q key. If you want to highlight a dialogue option during a discussion with a student you can move the mouse, and then press E to select. In choosing which weapon to use, press 1, 2, 3, and 4 keys. If you press 1 the weapon you are holding will gone or you will drop whatever it is that you are holding. If you want to quit the game, just press Esc.

Changes made in the Bus Simulator 2016

Bus Simulator 2016 is the new version of the game that bus simulator 2015 has been introduced in the year 2016. As the latest version of the game, the manufacturer has introduced many new features to the game.

All these features adds fun to the player’s experience. Following are some of the changes made by the developer in the latest version of the game.

* The player can add the input with the help of mouse, in addition to the keyboard.
* Improved camera coverage of the game
* The sitting position in the game is made adjustable
* The auto-rotation of the GPS
* The setting of the keyboard steering for its sensitivity.
* The bus routes can be re-named
* The player is provided to the option to disable the cashier present in the bus
* The curve look option can be enabled. This option helps the play to drive carefully through the turns.

Duck Life 7-Skills and Coin Shop

In the Duck Life 7, you have duck life to train your duck in the best way to earn the prize money. Once you have made the selection of your server and duck, it is time to train your duck in climbing, flying, running and jumping so that he will make your proud by winning the game.

Make sure to boost the energy of you duck by feeding him seeds. Now the coin shop is also filled with accessories that will make your Duck perform the best on the servers like:
30 hats for energy bonus
30 jackets for skill bonus
30 shoes speed bonus
2-speed buffs
Duck Life 7 is filled with excitement and more fun to make you enjoy the game. Win as many coins and servers you can win the championship and be the best racer.

Play Duck Life as it is one of the best online racing game that will be your best recreation and will make you enjoy and have fun. Use your skills and train your duck in the best way to become the world champion in racing. Hope that you will enjoy playing Duck Life in the best way. Good Luck!

Troll face quest 2

The next version of troll face quest 5 the troll face quest game is similar the basic version of troll face troll face quest that is troll face quest1.

There is the same graphics of the troll face quest 2 like that of the basic one.

The only difference is in the color of the images. In the troll face quest 2 the developers have added more colors to the images.  The coloring of the images makes this versiojn of the troll face quest 2 more interesting to its players.

The controls of the troll face quest 2 are the same like that of the basic version. You just have to control the mouse of your device that is either a laptop or a computer. With the control of your mind you are also needed to have an active state of mind while playing it. Like that of the basic version there are also the walkthrough videos of the troll face quest 2. These videos will help you in all the difficulties that the players are facing while playing the game or a specific level of the game.

Vex 4 – Choose Your Character

Well, there is no ending to the hardships that our stick man hero has to go through. Vex 4 brings even more challenging tracks for our little hero. He has to jump harder, climb faster, and run even faster in order to slide his way to victory.

Vex 4 comes with 25 levels jam packed with new challenges and traps you have vex 3 never seen before.

Although there are many new features that are introduced in this game, one feature that impress me is the fact that now the players can choose their own character.

At the start of the game, the players can either choose a male stick character or a female stick character. This is not the end, as the players’ progress in the game; they can unlock several other characters. Once these characters are unlocked, the players can choose any of them any time they want. Some of the famous new characters included in this game are mean bear, cute kitten and much more.

Gunblood – How To Survive A Gun Fight

You play gunblood game must have played a lot of shooting games, but Gunblood is different, it is a typical cowboy style one-on-one gun shooting game that checks your reflexes at every stage of the game. As a player, your only goal is to kill your opponent by shooting him/her with your gunfire.

The only way you will be able to do so is by shooting accurately and quickly. If you take a lot of time aiming your gun and shooting, you will not be able to play or win this game.

The Gunblood game demands a lot of patience and strong nerves, if you do not have patience, you will quickly take your gun out and the game will automatically pause. You have to wait for the countdown to end and as soon as you see FIRE, you need to take aim and shoot. Make no mistake, because if you are late even by seconds your opponent will put all his/her bullets in your head. So, make sure to do some practice before you challenge your opponents.

Learn to Fly 2 – The Upgrades

Whether you play Learn to Fly or Learn to Fly 2 you are required to get those upgrades every time you are done playing a learn to fly 2 stage. There are basically six different upgrades to choose from. Without getting these upgrades, there is no way your penguin will be able to achieve the targets. These upgrades are:
Ramp Height – The height of the ramp will decide how much distance you will be able to cover and how high you will be able to fly.
Acceleration – Ramp height combined with the acceleration gives your penguin more thrust and power.
Air Resistance – without controlling the air resistance, acceleration and ramp height are not going to do anything good for your penguin. Air resistance can help your penguin maintain speed and flight for a longer time.
Gliders – gliders can help the penguin cover longer distance
Rockets – rocket can give your penguin the boost when he needs it
Rocket Fuel – you need more fuel to keep on using your rocket
As you progress in the game Learn to Fly 2, you need to make sure to spend your money wisely to buy those upgrades. The buying decisions you make will determine the how far your penguin is going to fly.

Unfair Mario 2 Play Online

If you have been looking for a really hard game, here it is. Unfair Mario will literally make you think whether you can complete the level or not. Every step you take in this world of Mario, which actually looks very similar to the Super Mario World, can be your last step as you fall into a booby trap.

The game is filled with booby traps. Not all grounds will hold, and some will unfair mario fall. The hanging platform can simply fall over you as you try to cross underneath it, or it may fall when you jump on it. Spikes come up at unexpected places. Blocks of bricks can move anywhere and you can be crushed in an instant. The list is quite big and you will have to move on through the game to encounter each trap and find a way to conquer it.

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Earn to Die 2 – What’s New

Like any earn to die 2 other game sequel, Earn to Die 2 offers a lot of new features not found in the earlier version of the game. Although there are many minute changes that have been made in the second version of the game, one thing that is worth mentioning is that Earn to Die 2 offers five times longer story mode than Earn to Die 1. So, if you were able to finish Earn to Die 1 in a day, you will not need 5 days to finish the second version of the game.

In addition to that, the graphics are much sharper and sober, the sound quality is much improved and now the players can take multiple paths to reach the destination point. Instead of passing through the jungles and scary routes, the players now can pass through the streets of the city to reach the evacuation point. As far as vehicles are concerned, the players can enjoy more powerful and solid looking vehicle to kill more Zombies. This time, the vehicles also take battle damages and can easily break down if not well protected.